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Join the SEN Revolution Membership Community to access the information and the support you need to get a clear description of your child or young person’s needs, focus on developing their abilities and strengths, ideas and strategies for productive activities to enable parents, teachers and therapists to promote learning, ideas to create safe and secure physical environments at home and school, how to access and encourage integrated therapy and teaching, how to develop close, positive relationships between home and school, how to encourage social care to work in partnership with parents, information about specialist programmes, information about medication and nutrition, access to specialist solicitors, representatives and expert witnesses and to join the movement to ensure that your child with special needs (and ALL children with special needs) get their needs met.

The community is a soft place to land, somewhere you can come to share your frustrations and your joys and to ask for support in finding solutions whenever you need it.

“The SEN Revolution” Pledge

I promise to think differently about my SEN journey.
I promise to take responsibility (and stop blaming ‘them’)
I will believe that the world is a good place and there are lots of good people.
I will be brave and start making a difference from exactly where I am.
I promise to reach out whenever I need support.
I promise to reach out to others who ask for support.
I promise to keep things positive and be solutions focused.


The membership fee is £30 pcm (or £300pa) for weekly content which connects you to the information and the people who can help you make real change.

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By being a speaker at next years event, we’re hoping to meet people like members of staff from local education, legal services, medical services, etc. Our hope is that we’ll start building partnerships from all over the country that we can then rely on in the future.

Jon Shoesmith


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